Frozen Cat Treats

August 17 is National Black Cat Appreciation Day and we could think of no better way to honor them than with homemade cat treats!

National Black Cat Appreciation Day was founded to bring awareness to the countless number of amazing black kitties in shelters waiting to be adopted! Unfortunately, lingering superstition around black cats make them less likely to be adopted from a shelter than their more colorful buddies.

The next time you adopt a new furry friend, please consider giving a black cat a fuuurever home!



Break one banana into small (cat bite sized pieces) and whisk in half the of can cats milk until well combined.


Sprinkle a tiny pinch of cat nip into each mold, pour into the mixture, and place in the freezer overnight.


Let your kitty enjoy! Your frozen, homemade treats will look amazing on our Femme Dinner plates!

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A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”   – Groucho Marx

Tattooed Easter Eggs

If you are looking for a super fun, easy and almost mess free way to decorate Easter eggs this year, we have you covered with this Insta-worthy idea!



Since of the tattoo sheets contain multiple designs on one sheet, we decided to cut out each individual design to optimize their use. When doing so, it’s ideal to leave some white space around each piece so there is something to hold onto while applying it to the egg.


On a cool, hard boiled egg place the tattoo face down in the desired location. Be mindful of the designs orientation; an upside-down bunny will look a little dizzy!

Once in place use a damp paper towel to apply even pressure to the backside of the tattoo for 30 seconds. Starting in a corner, slowly peel away the white backing from the egg, and voila!


  • When removing the backing, if the tattoo is not sticking to the egg, reset the backing and apply additional pressure. 
  • Peel the backing straight back. Do not slide the backing off of the egg. This may cause your tattoo to fold, crinkle, or smear the design.

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Leprechaun Trap

Happy almost St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate the day, we rounded up some of our favorite magical items to create an easy craft that’s kid friendly.



This activity pairs well with Adam Wallace’s book How to Catch a Leprechaun!


First things first, scout out the perfect place to set your trap! Leprechauns are sneaky little buggers, so we recommend setting your trap by a window, fireplace or door.

Once you have selected the perfect location, set your charger plate and napkin down as the staging ground for your trap.


Time to decorate! Using stickers, jazz up your trap until its just right. Don’t forget Leprechauns love all things sparkly!

Next, cut the paper straw into thirds to create the prop used to support the trap. We found making a small ledge or slit on the side of the straw (as seen in the first picture above) helps tremendously.


Laying the bait is an important step in setting the perfect trap. Candies, clovers and other playful elements are sure to draw in an unsuspecting Leprechaun! After the bait in placed set your trap and wait.

These magical little guys are nearly to impossible to catch but if you’re lucky enough one will undoubtedly visit your trap. Even if you don’t catch one, they will likely leave a sweet treat or token behind to say “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”!

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Zoom Pin It Party!

The holiday madness has settled and it’s time to check-in with your gal pals for a little fun! Unfortunately, between the cold weather and COVID-19 concerns, gathering together with friends has become risky business.

Have no fear though because Jollity has come up with a fun spin on staying connected!

By this point most have heard of Zoom, the popular, free video chat service. Their user-friendly interface is the perfect 2021 venue for your Pin It Party – a themed craft night with your friends from the comfort and safety of your own home!

Let’s chat about how to turn a snooze worthy Zoom session into a memorable night at home.

HOST THIS PARTY | Supplies needed to capture this look

Playing into a Pinterest-y theme, we’ve selected a variety of red and white products. And because we’re low-key bougie, we tossed in a few metallic accents.

Alright hostess with the mostess you’ve rounded up all your party supplies, now you need to provide attendees with their own supply list. Be sure to include written, step by step directions for the project and obvious supplies like scissors and glue. This will help avoid interruptions in screen time.

Also keep in mind when selecting a project that your girl gang may have a wide range of crafting skill levels. It’s not a bad idea to select several crafting ideas and let the group vote ahead of time.

SET THE VIBE | Creating Excitement on Zoom

Using a small box or bag, package up the individual attendee place settings and supply list for easy delivery.

There are several delivery options including porch pickup where attendees pick up their designated box from your front porch. Curbside delivery where you drop the attendees package off at their home. Or traditional shipping of the package.

HOSTESS DETAILS | Being an organized hostess

The success of your Pin It Party will greatly depend on your ability to keep this event organized and on schedule. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to host a successful Zoom event!

  • Assign a backup admin.
    • Sometimes technology goes all wrong. As a precaution, assign a backup admin in Zoom in case something happens to your connection during the event. That way your guest can continue with the event and not get booted out of the room while they await your return.
  • Allow time for play and time for instruction.
    • As guests login, expect there to be excitement and chatter. When its time begin, everyone but the hostess should be placed on mute; allowing the step-by-step directions to be easily heard. After each step is explained unmute guest until you’re ready for the next step.
  • Consider a scheduled, timed intermission.
    • If you are using the free version of Zoom, your event will be capped at 45 minutes. Most craft projects take a bit longer, especially if there’s food, wine, fun and giggles involved (and we hope there is)!

      To beat the system have everyone log out for a 10 minute intermission towards the end of the 45 minute mark. Not only will this will reset the Zoom clock but it will give everyone a chance refill their drink!

The most on trend, mood-setting place settings for your stay-at-home party? ✅
Supply list? ✅ ✅
Organized Zoom meeting details? ✅ ✅ ✅

You are ready to get started, so get out there and nail that next Pinterest project! Don’t forget to share your Pin It Party with us on Post on Instagram and use the hashtag #partywithjollity

Mad About Mardi Gras – Part 2

With Mardi Gras right around the corner, we’re bringing you ways to make your at-home celebration New Orleans worthy! In Part 1, we created a DIY Mardi Gras mask, and showed you how to decorate your table with all the festive colors. If you missed it, click here!

In Part 2, we’re brining you the cocktails, which is our favorite part! When thinking about what kind of cocktail to create for Mardi Gras, we decided that Jell-O shots were the way to go. Is there anything more appropriate for bead throwing than a festive Jell-O shot?!

These take a bit of time to make, but are so worth it. Check out the recipe below!


To make these super fun, Mardi Gras layered Jell-O shots, you will need to get a few supplies from your local grocery store and liquor store. We love the bright colors of these and you can even throw in some edible glitter to make your shots really shine. Please keep in mind that these need to be made at least a day ahead of time, as the three Jell-O flavors need to set individually in order to achieve the picture-perfect layering effect!


  • 1 box of grape Jell-O
  • 1 box of lime Jell-O
  • 1 box of lemon Jell-O
  • Lemon juice
  • Lime juice
  • Vodka
  • Limoncello
  • Chambord
  • Champagne flutes – our personal fave is this travel one!
  • Whipped cream (optional for topping!)


  1. Boil water
  2. Mix 1 cup boiling water with grape Jell-O
  3. Add 1/4 cup lime juice, 1/4 cup Chambord, and 1/2 cup vodka to the Jell-O mixture
  4. Pour into flutes 1/3 of the way full and refrigerate for 2-4 hours until set


  1. Boil water
  2. Mix 1 cup boiling water with lemon Jell-O
  3. Add 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup limoncello, and 1/2 cup vodka to the Jell-O mixture
  4. Let Jell-O rest until cooled to room temperature, about 20 minutes
  5. Pour lemon Jell-O on top of the grape Jell-O until the flute is 2/3 full (we suggest pouring over a spoon to avoid creating any holes in the first layer!)
  6. Refrigerate 2-4 hours


  1. Boil water
  2. Mix 1 cup boiling water with lime Jell-O
  3. Add 1/4 cup lime juice and 3/4 cup vodka to the Jell-O mixture
  4. Let rest until cooled to room temperature, about 20 minutes
  5. Pour lime Jell-O on top of lemon Jell-O and refrigerate 2-4 hours

For extra flare, put a dollop of whipped cream on top of the shots and a dash of sprinkles, or edible glitter. Grab a small spoon to easily scoop out the shot and cheers!

If you host a Mardi Gras party at home, we’d love to see it! Tag us on social media @jollityandco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

Mad About Mardi Gras – Part 1

THEME | Celebrating Mardi Gras at home

Mardi Gras is celebrated during the month leading up to the beginning of Lent.

Although there are many world-wide celebrations during Mardi Gras season its most notable celebrations are the grand finale parades, or carnivals, hosted in Rio do Janerio and New Orleans. The finale carnival night, known as Fat Tuesday, always falls the day before Ash Wednesday.

Unfortunately for 2021, the wide spread threat of Covid-19 has caused the famous carnivals to be cancelled. But have no fear! There are many festive ways to celebrate safely celebrate at home with family!

SET THE TABLE | Honoring tradition with color

No one is really certain why the first Rex, The King of Carnival, appointed purple, green and gold as the official colors of Mardi Gras but is rumored they are in honor of a visiting Russian Duke, Duke Alexei Alexandrovich Romanoff. It’s said purple represents justice, green is faith, and gold stands for power!

HOST THIS PARTY| Supplies to capture this look

In sticking with tradition we’ve decided Mardi Gras is the perfect place to highlight “Oh Kale No”, “Gold to Go” and the “Lilac You Lots” Posh collection colors. Sprinkled in are some additional items to finish the look!


The carnevale mask tradition originated in Italy, to allow wearers the ability to mask their identity and mingle outside of their social class. This practice was a way to embrace the mystery of the event without societal constraints.  

Today, masks are mostly worn for fun, but a definite nod to the cultural history and excitement surrounding Mardi Gras! After all, who doesn’t love a good accessory?


CREATE THIS CRAFT| Supplies needed for this DIY

To get started on your Carnevale mask you will first need to round up a few supplies. Here’s a quick list of what we used to create this look.       


  • Oh Kale No or Lilac You Lots Dinner Plate
  • Hole Punch
  • Curling or Other ribbon
  • Elmer’s or Hot Glue- depending on who will be embellishing the mask
  • Feathers
  • Glitter, rhinestones or gems
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


Cut the bottom 1/3 of the dinner plate off. Using your pencil mark two eye holes on the plate and cut out. Remember your mask design is your own! Get creative with those cut lines, not all masks must be made the same.


With your hole punch, add a single hole to each side of the mask. Double knot the ribbon onto the mask, through the holes you just punched. Once that is complete, cut the ribbon in the middle. This allows you to have an even amount of ribbon on each side. And gives you the ability to tie the mask onto the wear vs guessing everyones head size.


Your mask is probably looking pretty fab by this point, but let’s take it to the next level. Mardi Gras masks are traditionally adorned with sparkle, feathers and shine. If you, a responsible adult, will be decorating the mask go grab your hot glue gun. If the masks are to be decorated by children, regular Elmer’s glue is recommended. Decorate until your heart is content. Allow proper drying time before wearing. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for part two, where we make a Mardi Gras inspired cocktail!

If you decorate, or do this craft, we’d love to see it. Tag us on social media @jollityandco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

Quarantine Olympics

As we wait anticipation for the COVID postponed Olympic games, we’ve decided to take the opportunity to make our own Jollity inspired Quarantine Olympics!

Below are some fun family games, that can be played in the safety of your own home or yard.


Toilet paper bowling, one of the most popular Quarantine games and it’s perfect for all family members, no matter their age! To start, split the family into two separate teams. At the end of the day, the loosing team will be tasked with doing something…we recommend the dishes after dinner!


  • Rolls of Toilet Paper
  • 10 Paper Cups
    We opted for our Posh Cups because they’re super fun, colorful and a bit bigger than your average paper cup.


To setup the game, create a bowling lane in a long hallway, or room. At the end of the hall or room, line up the cups and make them into the shape of a diamond. Start with 4 cups in the back, then 3 in the second row, 2 in the third row, and 1 solo cup in the front.


Now it’s time to start the game! Split into your two teams and play ten rounds. Each team member will get two turns per round in attempt to knock down all the cups.

Each cup is worth one point. Keep track of the points for each team member, tally them up at the end and see which team won this challenge.

You can also do fun variations here with stacking the cups in different formations!


Next up, is Balloon Jousting! It’s the perfect game for all of those competitive family members.

**This game is one that MUST be supervised by adults and we recommend playing this game in a garage or driveway.**



Grab a balloon for each member of the family then blow them up. Using a sharpie assign each balloon a name, pertaining to whose balloon belongs to which family member.

Next, take the painters tape and stick each balloon to the floor. Be sure to spread the balloons out in equal distances around the room. Once the balloons have been been placed around the room, put the Roomba in the center of the balloons.


***This step must be completed by an adult.***

Make your jousting stick by attaching a knife to the top of the Roomba. Use painters tape to hold it in place. Be sure that your knife is safely secured to the Roomba.


Time to get this tournament started! After securing the knife, hit the power button and let the Roomba take over!

The Roomba will go around the room, and one by one take out the balloons. The last one standing, is the new champion!

If you don’t have a Roomba, play another balloon popping challenge. Here’s one of our favorites:

Have everyone write their name on their blown up balloon. Next, put all of the balloons in the middle of the room and set a timer for thirty seconds. The goal is to stomp as many balloons as possible until there’s one balloon left. The remaining balloon wins the game. To make it even more challenging assign multiple balloons to each person. The more balloons, the harder it gets!


Playing with kids? Use juice. Playing with friends? Drink whatever.


  • 1 Cup for Each Person
  • Beverage of Your Choice
  • A Table


Start by filling everyone’s cups halfway. Next, gather around the table. Make sure teams are on the same side of the table and the opposing team is across. Give yourself enough space between each other to play.


The first person on each team chugs their drink. Then, they place their empty cup on the edge of the table.


Using their fingers the player has to try and flip the cup completely upside down. The trick is, it has to land upside down on the table, once this is accomplished the next person on their team goes.

The first team to finish first wins the challenge!


Have you ever hear of the game 52 Card Pick Up?

52 pickup or 52-card pickup is a practical joke using a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Two players and a pack of 52 cards are needed. The first player offers the second player a game of 52 pick-up (or 52 card pickup).

If the second player accepts, the first player scatters the 52 cards over the floor and says “52 – pick up!”. The second player’s job is then to reassemble the pack of cards by picking them all up.

50 Straw Pick Up is the Jollity version of the game! Here’s how to play:



To setup the game, you will need to empty each pack of straws and put them into coordinating cups.


Split up into your two teams. On the same count, dump the cup of straws onto the floor. Have the first person on each team rush to pick up the straws. Each straw must be picked up one at a time, and placed back into the coordinating cup!

Each player has 15 seconds. Once the first player completes the task, it’s the next team member’s turn to go. The team to pick up all the straws first wins the challenge!

We hope all of these Quarantine Games give your family a fun activity to partake in and may the best team win!

We would love to see how your games turned out! Tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

Have any other fun ideas for making social distancing fun? Let us know and we will brainstorm and feature it on the blog. DM us on social media or drop us a line by email and we’ll help bring your idea to life!

Bat Balloons DIY

We love balloons, but we’re usually spending our time filling them with helium or building balloon garlands; so it was really fun to make these life-size bats! We love the bright colors of their bodies and wings. We also added the eyes and mouths to make them look more friendly. They’re super easy to make and a great project to do with kids!


  • 36″ Latex Balloons
  • 11 x 17″ Black Card Stock
  • Color Coordinating Card Stock (to match the balloons)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Dots
  • Tape
  • Balloon Air Pump (optional)

Step 1: Fill up your balloons using a balloon air pump, or blow them up manually and then tie them closed.

Step 2: Cut out the eyes and mouths on black card stock.

Step 3: Using your glue dots, attach the eyes and mouth to the balloons.

Step 4: Cut out the bat wings on the color coordinating card stock.

Step 5: This step is a little longer to make the wings – but you can totally handle it! To get the wings to stand out from the balloon, you need to create a brace. To do this, fold one sheet of card stock into a long strip and then use your glue dots and stick the paper strip to the back of the wing. You will want to match up the end of the paper to the flat part of the wing where it will attach to the balloon. Next, fold back the flat end of the wing and the paper strip about 1″. Tape the wing to the balloon on this folded piece. Then add one more piece of packing tape to the front of the wing where it meets the balloon to secure it.

Step 6: Throw a party!

Pro tip: To hide the balloon tie, put one of the wings over it! Or if you want to hang the bat, leave the balloon tie on the top of your balloon and tie a string to it!

We’d love to see your bats, tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity