Marketing and Content Creator Position

Love party supplies? Have an eye for photos and composition? We are looking for someone to join the Jollity & Co team. The ideal candidate has a strong background in marketing coupled with a strong sense of style and aesthetic. We need someone who understands marketing online, has proven experience in social media, copywriting, great with people, is very organized, a self- starter and quick with emails. Responsibilities and work flow will include time in our retail store as well as dedicated office time. Weekend availability required. Graphic Design skills are a MAJOR plus! This is a full time job with benefits.

To apply please email: with resume and links to your social media and Pinterest accounts. Please put “Marketing” in the subject line. Please no phone calls about this position. 

Petal Skirt Halloween Costume DIY

Need an easy last minute Halloween costume that’s a floral phenomenon? This flower petal skirt is your jam.

DIY Halloween 2018-23

You will need:

  • paint in your choice of color (watercolor or acrylic)
  • paintbrush
  • sharpie or pen to draw a petal shape
  • scissors
  • cute string/twine
  • 24×18″ poster board (the amount will vary on how large you make your petals
  • hole puncher

Step 1


Sketch out the shape of a petal on the poster board and cut it out! Repeat with as many petals as necessary (we made a few extra petals so they would overlap when the skirt was put on).

Step 2

DIY Halloween 2018-26

Paint your petals! We used a mix of pinks, coral, and yellow. Watercolor paints make for a light, delicate look, while acrylic paints are a little more bold. We mixed a little water with our acrylic paints for a look right in between.

Step 3

DIY Halloween 2018-27

Hole punch (or give them a little stab with the scissors, depending on how dangerously you live) two small holes on the top of each petal, one on each of the furthest top outer corners. String the petals together with string of your choice. It doesn’t show very much once the petals are strung together, but we chose to use a pretty, metallic ribbon. Because why not more shine??



Trying out this DIY? Let us see how it turned out by tagging us @jollityandco or #partywithjollity!

Bloody Cute Placemats and Table Runner

Halloween is a great holiday for throwing spooky parties, but sometimes you want to be creepy and classy. Our blood-splattered placemats and blood drip table runner are the perfect way to accomplish this (and keep your table safe from messy monsters).

You’ll need:

DIY Halloween 2018-13

  • white poster board (two placemats will fit on one 24″ x 18″ sheet, so adjust according to how many placemats you need)
  • our placemat template (attached at the bottom!)
  • a pen
  • scissors
  • dark red paint
  • a paint brush
  • a roll of red paper (craft, wrapping, or otherwise)

Blood-Splattered Placemats

Step 1

DIY Halloween 2018-14

Print out our placemat template, and cut those bad boys out!

Step 2

Trace the template on the poster board, and cut your placemat out! The poster board gives your placemats much more structure, and a nice gloss finish. Cut out as many as you’ll need for your table!

Step 3

DIY Halloween 2018-17

This is the fun part! Splatter the heck out of these placemats with a deep, dark, red paint. We recommend doing this step on a Monday, or any day where you’re frustrated. It makes it much more gratifying. All done with the placemats!

DIY Halloween 2018-18 copy.jpg

Blood Drip Table Runner

Step 1


For the blood table runner, take your red paper, and free-hand a drip design the length of your table, and cut it out.

Step 2

DIY Halloween 2018-21

If you need to piece the paper together to get it to the length of your table, just put a little piece of tape on the back! Now you have a perfect runner backdrop for your placemats.

DIY Halloween 2018-22

Let us know how you’re decorating for your Halloween bash, and tag us on social media @jollityandco or with #partywithjollity!


Batty Halloween Headband

Trying to find cute accessories to show your love of the spooky season can be ghoulish, but we have your back with this adorable, batty headband DIY!

You’ll need:

DIY Halloween 2018-2

  • a hot glue gun
  • a plastic headband in the color of your choice
  • two 3-4″ black springs of a medium gauge
  • our bat printable (scroll to the bottom!)
  • scissors
  • (optional) construction paper in the color of your choice

Step 1

DIY Halloween 2018-3

Print out our little bats! You have a few options here:

  • if you want black bats, print out two of the bat printable (so you have four bats total)
  • if you want bats of a different color, print out one bat printable (so you have two bats total)

If you’ve chosen the first option, cut the bats out so you have four black bats. If you’ve chosen the second option, cut out your two bats, and trace them on construction paper in the color of your choice. You’ll still need four bats, so make sure to cut out four! We chose to keep our spooky little friends a classic black.

Step 2

DIY Halloween 2018-4

DIY Halloween 2018-5

Now you have your four bats! Time to attach them. Take the top of a spring, and bend the first coil up vertically. This will give us a surface to glue our little bats to. Bend the tops of both springs.

Step 3

DIY Halloween 2018-6

Adhere your bats to the springs with hot glue, a front and back to each spring. Now you have two boing-y bats!

Step 4

DIY Halloween 2018-10

DIY Halloween 2018-11

Twist the bottoms of the springs over the headband to attach them. Our springs were tight enough to stand up on their own after they were twisted once or twice, but if they need a little more support, you can give them a little tap of hot glue. Voila! A beautifully batty accessory for Halloween!

DIY Halloween 2018-12

Let us know how yours turns out, and tag us on social media @jollityandco or with #partywithjollity!

Bats Printable here!

Royal Wedding Bells

May 19th, 2018 is a special date for more than a few brides around the world – but we are guessing you know of one in particular – Will you be following the Royal Wedding? We will! Via DVR, because you know… here in the U.S. the wedding will be live at 7 a.m. ET/ 4 a.m. PT — with pre-wedding coverage beginning even earlier. But still, we are ready to host the perfect watch party!


We donned our favorite bridesmaid’s dresses (because, really… when else do you get to rewear those?) and put together a special tea time table scape to celebrate the royal nuptials in a simple but sophisticated manner.


Gold flatware, blush watercolor plates, brush painted cocktail napkins, and soft florals come together in this elegant table scape to create a celebration fit for a queen.


What kind of party would it be without a classy cocktail to complete things? May we suggest this Gin, Elderflower, and Prosecco Fizz?


  • parts Gin
  • part Elderflower Liqueur
  • Prosecco
  • Lemon or Lime Wedges
  • Sugar (for the rim of your glass)


  1. Fill a shaker with ice. Add Gin and Elderflower Liqueur. Shake, while frolicking about.
  2. Place the sugar on a small plate. Run a lemon or lime wedge around the rim of a champagne flute and press the rim in the sugar to coat it.
  3. Strain the contents of the shaker into the glass and top with Prossecco. Squeeze a lemon or lime wedge in the drink and garnish with an additional wedge.
  4. Serve immediately. Drink with your pinky out, because this is a Royal affair.



To compliment our cocktail, we chose an assortment of fresh berries, sweet American treats, and classic British fare with which to delight our guests — cucumber sandwiches, cranberry lemon scones, petit fours, and an assortment of perfectly decorated sugar cookies that matched our decor did the trick!

Our warmest wishes and sincere congratulations to the newlyweds!

Party on,

The Jollity Girls

¡”Drinko” de Mayo!

Hey party people! May is so packed with celebrations! With Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Star Wars Day (if you’re a fan of the Force), May is jam packed with fun. But this year, May has upped it’s game, with Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby on the same day!

519A8443We’ve created the perfect Cinco bash — a fiesta to end all fiestas.


Color is the name of the game for Cinco de Mayo around here. We chose these fun cactus plates, and paired them with the brightest pops of color we could get our hands on by including our ombre orange crepe paper table runner and lime green ruffle plates! And, did you see our lime wedge napkins? WOULD YA JUST LOOK AT ‘EM??

Our bright fiesta baskets are the perfect treat holders, and our stripe printed wooden cutlery bring it all together! Olé!


We love the combination of these fun straws and tiny umbrellas to add a little flair to our margaritas (can we get salt all around that rim-rim-rim-rim?). If you’re not feeling real margaritas, try our margarita gummies! Mix and match our awesome honeycomb tassels, garlands, and a freakin’ pom pom CHANDELIER to up your festive vibes!

When it comes to treats, we suggest a good balance of sweet, salty, cheesy and boozy… but hey, that’s just us! Cinco de Mayo is also a great day to be a little extra, and maybe craft up a guacamole bar? Just tell us what time we can show up…. we’ll come hungry.

Show us your Cinco De Mayo party with #partywithjollity!

DIY Bridal Shower Backdrop

We’re gearing up for wedding season here at Jollity, and we’ve been brainstorming some awesome DIY projects for a next level bridal shower or baby shower! Enter: Our DIY Backdrop!

You can make this for about $20 in less than an hour with the help of a couple friends. Not only is it an easy project with simple-to-follow steps, but it looks like a million bucks when finished!

2 Rolls of pink crepe streamers
2 rolls of white crepe streamers
1 disposable tablecloth in a neutral color (pink or white)
1 spool of white or gold wrapping ribbon (the kind that curls well)
1-2 spools of glitter ribbon

1. Hang your disposable tablecloth. A backdrop stand comes in handy here, but if you don’t have one, you can use low tack tape and hang your tablecloth directly to your wall.

2. Measure and cut your crepe strips. Your crepe strips should be about 6″ long so you are able to take full body photos in front of your backdrop.

3. Hang the crepe strips from the top of your tablecloth by taping them. Make sure to hang all the strips at the same length so they hang evenly

4. Add in long pieces of curled ribbon and glitter ribbon to pop against the crepe paper!

5. Start taking cute pictures!