DIY Bridal Shower Backdrop

We’re gearing up for wedding season here at Jollity, and we’ve been brainstorming some awesome DIY projects for a next level bridal shower or baby shower! Enter: Our DIY Backdrop!

You can make this for about $20 in less than an hour with the help of a couple friends. Not only is it an easy project with simple-to-follow steps, but it looks like a million bucks when finished!

2 Rolls of pink crepe streamers
2 rolls of white crepe streamers
1 disposable tablecloth in a neutral color (pink or white)
1 spool of white or gold wrapping ribbon (the kind that curls well)
1-2 spools of glitter ribbon

1. Hang your disposable tablecloth. A backdrop stand comes in handy here, but if you don’t have one, you can use low tack tape and hang your tablecloth directly to your wall.

2. Measure and cut your crepe strips. Your crepe strips should be about 6″ long so you are able to take full body photos in front of your backdrop.

3. Hang the crepe strips from the top of your tablecloth by taping them. Make sure to hang all the strips at the same length so they hang evenly

4. Add in long pieces of curled ribbon and glitter ribbon to pop against the crepe paper!

5. Start taking cute pictures!


Game Night!

Hey party people! Today we’re showing you how to throw the best cocktail-filled, grown up game night!

Grab Some Guests


Gather your most outgoing (read: competitive) friends for your game night. When choosing your guest list, keep in mind that you’ll be creating teams, so even numbers tend to work better.



We decided to pay homage to Scrabble Day (yes, that’s right, this Saturday, April 14 is actually Scrabble Day) by creating a letter tile backdrop for our party. Using two tones of kraft paper, we made whimsical, larger than life Scrabble game pieces. Our favorite part about this backdrop is how customizable it is. You can spell out any number of cheeky messages.

An enormous green marbled ballon added a pop of color and whimsy, while our navy tablecloth balanced the bright colors.




You’ll need sustenance as you make your way through rounds of different board games. If you want something a little more cocktail hour than ordering a pizza, try creating a cheeseboard! We’ve come up with a foolproof step by step to guide you through creating a totally *sophisticated* cheeseboard.

  • Start with our fab wooden cheeseboards (small or large) as a base.
  • Fill your board with a mixture of cheeses with different textures. We like using a combination of a dry cheese (like an extra sharp white cheddar), a bold cheese (like a stilton), soft cheese (like a brie). Cheeses come in all sorts of flavors so don’t hesitate to mix some salty and sweet varieties!
  • Spice up your cheeseboard with fresh and dried fruit, different varieties of crackers, and nuts. Texture is the name of this cheese game.
  • If not vegetarian, you can also add slices of a summer sausage or prosciutto to your board.



To give your guests a competitive edge, try our specialty cocktail, the Game Changer!

  • 1 parts, vodka
  • 1 part ginger liquor
  • 1 part limoncello
  • 1 spash of lemon juice
  • 1, lemon wedge
  •  club soda to taste

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Basic Steps to Set a Not Basic Easter Table

Over here at Jollity, we like to be extra… extra extra, to be precise. But we’re also busy people, and know that you are too! So we came up with a few quick, but super effective ways to style your Easter table without having to spend hours figuring out the best way to combine the cutest stuff!



The most important (and practical) part of your table is your main plate. We chose a square gingham plate to do something out of the ordinary (and to hold more food, no judgement).


Next up – this awesome little bunny plate! It’s exactly the right size for dessert! (or as a salad plate, bunnies love salad).


Since you’ll need some flatware, we encourage you to mix and match some wooden cutlery with simple striped patterns and solid, poppy, spring colors! Pair them with a solid guest napkin (we added flair with a scalloped edge) and your table is looking great!


Add a sweet daisy plate to hold your sweets! Jellybeans anyone? They are, after all, essentially a vegetable. Or a legume, either way, they’re amazing and you need a plate just for them. We all know that where there’s one bunny there’s more bunnies… so a bunny cup was kind of a no brainer.


Adorable paper straws add some additional (and functional) color for the table.


Last but certainly not least, in the spirit of all that is extra – we added this sweet little bunny piñata favor. He adds to the decor, and he’s just full of surprises (see what we did there? If you aren’t here for the puns….).

Put it all together, add some fun fringe, baskets, and some height in the center (we love these stacked cake platters!), and voila! Gorgeous Easter table done. Guests, prepare to be impressed!


Looking for additional Easter fun? Our Gourmet Easter Candy Box Class is this Wednesday, March 28! Come #partywithjollity!

Baby Reveal Ideas (That You Can Do On Short Notice!)

So you made a person! Maybe you’re excited to find out and share with the world if this tiny human will be male or female. Though you’ll find out via ultrasound, there are many fun ways to share the exciting news with your family and friends that don’t necessarily require you to throw a full blown party! Here are some easy baby reveal ideas!

Gender Reveal Balloon646A1905

You’re not the only one ready to pop! This gender reveal balloon kit is available in store and online! (and if you come see us at 2111 Granby St. in Norfolk, VA we can even fill ‘er up with helium for you!).  This is a classic way to announce, and is super fun live or can be snapped in a perfectly timed picture to keep forever!


BOY or GIRL Sparkler candles
Wether you’re having family and friends over for cake or plan on eating a whole cake yourself and taunting others with just a picture – we love these jumbo sparkler letters and how easy it is to spell whatever you want!


Confetti Fountain

These bad boys are pre-filled with confetti in either pink or blue and are ready to go! (just be sure to snip off the identifying ribbon if you want to keep it a secret!) and enjoy a burst of colored confetti in this convenient little package!


Gender Neutral Banner


Maybe gender reveals aren’t your thing, and that cool too! There are plenty of fun ways to announce your new addition without having to label anything! We suggest a fun banner kit that you can design yourself to say something cheeky. We love “it’s a baby” or “it’s not a puppy.”

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Top o’ the Mornin’!

Hey party people! Get out your green, we’re prepping for St. Patrick’s Day next weekend! We created a magical St. Patty’s rainbow backdrop perfect for any leprechaun treasure trove (or your home, you know, either way).

Here are the supplies you need for this festive backdrop:




Inflate your 3′ balloon with helium and weight it down with your handy dandy balloon weight!


Blow up your cauldron! (This one you’ll have to inflate on your own!)

Now you’re going to use your masking tape to attach your garlands (in rainbow order, of course) on to the bottom section of your balloon! Run the extra garland length down into the inflatable cauldron cooler so it’s out of sight (and so the magic is coming directly out of the pot o’ gold).


You get the picture… do this with all your colors!


We added a little white festooning at the top because it looks like a lovely little cloud at the end of your rainbow… but also because we had a few spots of tape to cover up, but mainly because it’s a cute little cloud!


And SHAZAM! There you have it! We suggest filling your cauldron with gold coins (or chocolate coins, yum) for a more authentic “end of the rainbow” feel.

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7 Ways to Decorate a Party Venue with Restrictions

Creating a party wonderland when you have both space and decorating restrictions can feel impossible, but we promise, it isn’t! There are plenty of ways to add pop to your party in a restaurant, museum, or any out of home space. Here are seven of our favorite tricks to personalize your party in an otherwise impersonal space!

519A5830Pick out a table runner…
First things first, when throwing a party in a pre-decorated space like a restaurant, you’ll most likely be confined to a table or two. So how do you make it your own? Pick out a fun and festive table runner of course! This directs the focus to the colors of your choice instead of what’s already around you.

Personalize each seat with place cards…
What better way to make sure everyone feels special than to give them a place of their own?

Balloons, balloons, balloons!

Available in basically every color you could possibly imagine, balloons are an easy, attention grabbing way to add height and interest to an otherwise flat table-scape. Add them to the guest of honor’s chair, use them in the center of the table, or simply add a single balloon to each chair – you’ve got options. Everyone will know your table is the party table.

Bring your own cake server…
Avoid the potential catastrophe of having to serve your guest of honor’s cake with the timeless combination of a butter knife and your hands…

…and your own cake stand!
You might be asking yourself, is that over the top? Well let me ask you this Karen, you love this friend enough to throw them a party – so the answer to your question is “does that really matter, at this point?” Cake stands are reusable, and make a fabulous addition to your kitchen counter between parties!

Decorate the cake with sparkler candles or a custom topper.
Don’t put a naked cake down in front of your honored guests! Candles are cool, but sparkler candles are cooler! If you’re not into fire (or you’re just not celebrating a birthday) consider a custom cake topper to congratulate them on celebratory life events like birthdays, engagements, graduations, babies, promotions, and all that good stuff!

Wrap it all up with an adorable goodie bag.
Keep the party going after your guests head home by sending them off with a delightful little good bag of fun things like notebooks, gift poppers, stickers, or fun lipgloss!

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