Folded Heart Napkins DIY

Hey party people! Did you catch us on WTKR this morning? We were showing off our Valentine’s goodies and a great Valentine’s craft! We wanted to share one last Valentine’s DIY that’s an adorable and easy way to dress up your table for a sweet breakfast or romantic dinner: folded heart napkins! All you’ll need for this craft is cute napkins and a bone folding tool to make perfect creases.


Start with a paper dinner napkin (usually 5″x5″ folded), and unfold it once so it is 5″ tall and 10″ wide.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 1.25.07 PM

Fold the bottom of the napkin up horizontally towards the top of the napkin, leaving around a 3/4″ edge of napkin showing at the top.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 1.25.26 PM

Taking the bottom right corner of your rectangle, fold the corner upward toward the center of the napkin, creating a diagonal line.


Repeat folding the opposite side of the napkin towards the middle so your napkin is an arrow shape.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 1.26.21 PM

Flip your napkin arrow over!


Fold the corners of the to


Baby Shower in a Box!

When you have family and friends across the nation (or world), trying to gather everyone together for important celebrations can be difficult. But, hey, it’s 2018! We have technology on our side! Even if everyone can’t attend, you can make sure all your loved ones are still a part of your special day. We put together a baby shower in a box to show you how a virtual party works, but this idea also works for bridal showers, birthday parties, engagement parties, and plenty other celebrations too.


To make your remote guests feel as if they’re attending the baby shower, we’ll bring a little of the party to them! By sending elements of the party guests in attendance will see, your virtual guests will feel like they’re right in the midst of the fun. For our virtual  guest package, we sent our remote attendees a plate, napkin, cup, drink stirrer, cutlery, goodie bag, confetti popper, and frame guest book piece for them to fill out with a wish for baby and send back to the host.


Making sure your remote guests are able to see the party in real time is important. By live streaming your party, your virtual guests can join in on the fun with you and the other attendees! (Think Skype… Facetime… Google Hangouts… etc!)

Would you host a virtual party? Let us know what you think in the comments! #partywithjollity

Giant Cootie Catcher

Do you remember cootie catchers? You know you do! Picture your grade-school self rigging that little paper fortune teller to say “YES” when asking if Joey (who sat two desks down from you) would ever love you back… Ah, the good old days.

Check out our fun new twist on this classic for a cute craft or unique centerpiece for your upcoming Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day parties!

519a5992.jpgWhat you’ll need:

  • kraft paper in your favorite color
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • paint markers, gold letter stickers, and anything else you want to use to decorate!


First, fold and trim your paper to make a perfect square. Open the fold back up.


Next, fold across the opposite corners of your paper and open it back up to form an ‘X’ crease through the middle of your square.


Fold each corner in to the middle (they will line up with the ‘X’ you made earlier).
Repeat this step with all 4 corners to form a smaller square.


Repeat the last step by folding the corners of the now smaller square in to the center, to form an even smaller square.



Flip your small square over and (you guessed it) fold each corner into the middle, to create the smallest square yet! S’cute!



Fold your square in half, so the “flaps” will be on the outside. Place your thumb and pointer fingers into the pockets you’ve created and pinch the whole catcher into the center.



Ba-BAM! Catch all the cooties with this bad boy!



This craft is perfect for kids and adults. You can make multiple catchers and style them into a unique centerpiece, or use them as fun place cards!


Cootie Catcher Table.jpg

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To make this larger than life Valentine, you’ll need:


We need to create the largest square of kraft paper possible. Measure the width of your kraft paper. Our kraft paper was 35.5″ in width, so we measured a 35.5″ long piece of kraft paper and drew a line to mark where to cut our giant square. Cut out your square!


Take the top left corner of the square and fold it to meet the bottom right corner of the square, so your paper creates a triangle. Crease about an inch of the paper only in the center of the fold (you don’t want to crease the whole fold, or it’ll show up across the front of your envelope when it’s finished). Unfold your paper back into a square. Now fold the top right corner of the square across to meet the bottom left corner, and crease the paper only in the center of the line formed by the fold (remember what we said about creasing the whole side, don’t do it!). Unfold your paper back into a square.


You should now have a little “X” in the center of your square! We marked the center of our “X” with a dot so we could better see it.

Fold two opposite corners of the square (it doesn’t matter which!) to the dot in the middle of your paper and crease. Repeat with one more corner, until your square has three folded sides and one point.

Next, fold the two corners of the the bottom of the envelope slightly in to create a little triangle on each side. The triangles should have plenty of space between them and should not be touching.  Using the tops of the small triangles as guides, fold the bottom of the envelope up so the straight line formed by the triangles is even with the other two points.


Fold the remaining point down to form the triangle flap! Now you have a gigantic envelope!

Valentine Card

Now the easy part! Take one sheet of poster board and fold it in half (we used an 18″ x 24″ piece that suited the size of our kraft paper envelope, make sure you choose a size that works for you!).


Decorate the front to your Valentine to your liking. We chose to use a chalk marker to create a cute phrase.

If you want to take your card a step further, you can create a pop up heart inside! On a folded 19″honeycomb, draw half a heart shape, then cut it out!


Align the honeycomb in your open card so the fold of the honeycomb matches up with the fold of your card. Glue the cardboard backing of one side of the honeycomb to the card. Then glue the top cardboard backing and fold your card closed on the honeycomb so the glued cardboard of the honeycomb adheres to the inside of the card.

Open Card

Bam! Pop up heart!


Now that you’ve created a colossal card, you need the perfect delivery system! Since a full size hot air balloon would be tough to navigate, we suggest a 36″ pink balloon filled with helium.


We attached some silver festooning to our balloon to make it super extra, and hung our envelope and card from the top of the festooning. Voila! Deliver this surprise to your cutie in style!

519A5685 copy.jpg

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Be Mine, Valentine!

It seems like Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! We’re already preparing for sweet snacks, cheesy cards, and plenty of pink. Decorating has commenced here at Jollity & Co, and we thought we’d share some of our V-Day inspiration with you! Check out our tablescape for creating your perfect Valentine’s Day party 💕


We set our table with coordinating plates, cutlery, napkins, straws, and cups in varying shades of pink and red. Our pink swirl acrylic pitcher and matching swirl acrylic glasses and goblets were the perfect shade to compliment our dark pink sorbet cake pedestal. Pro tip: mixing multiple shades of a few colors eliminates the pain of making sure everything matches exactly.

View More:

For a background with vivid pops of pink and red, we used a few bright balloons, hung a red glitter banner, and draped a cotton candy pink fringe on the table below. To add some more color to our table, we scattered around some pink confetti!

View More:

View More:

Atop our neon pink cutting board, we placed some sweet gifts for our Valentine’s visitors. Bright baking cups (perfect both for baked treats or filling with candy) and pink sparklers make the perfect favors!


What fun plans do you have in mind for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below or by using #partywithjollity!

Pop Fizz Clink! A Mod New Year’s Eve

Hey party people! New Year’s is so close we can taste the champagne! Whether you’re going out to pop bottles with friends or planning the perfect at home bash, we’ve got you covered. From party poppers and noisemakers to the best party hats around, everything you need to ring in 2018 is here!

To prepare for party time tomorrow, we decided to share a New Year’s Eve tablescape for inspiration (or just to copy, we won’t judge 😉). While we love a classic, beautiful, black and gold New Year’s set up, we decided to do something a little more fresh for 2018.

Crop Mod2.jpg

Silver, black, white, teal, and holographic pops inspired our mod New Year’s table design. We started by creating the perfect backdrop for our table with our super easy 2018 balloon kit and some balloons in our color scheme from our balloon bar.


A silver crepe table runner made a perfect, slightly shiny base for our bright accent pieces. Each place setting was flanked with fun, bright flatware and an acrylic goblet. Layering multiple plates and different napkins for different designs made for perfectly custom settings.  We mixed and matched:


For the rest of the table’s accents, we used disco ball string lights, a paper star garland, teal glittered votive candles, and one of our favorite marble cake stands. We didn’t forget the festive party hats or delicious party penguin gummies either!

We’d love to see what you create for your New Year’s Eve bash; show us with #partywithjollity!

Rudolph Tree DIY

Sometimes it seems like even when all the cookies are baked, the lights are strung, the tinsel is… tinsel-ed, your holiday party could use a little something extra. We’ve come up with the cutest way to add some whimsy to your decor with our DIY Rudolph Tree! And the best part? It only takes four easy steps!

To make your own adorable Rudolph, you’ll need:


  • 3 foot tree in color of your choice
  • one 5 inch red honeycomb
  • one paperclip
  • one sheet of 12 x 12 heavy paper for antlers
  • one sheet of 8.5 x 11 heavy paper for eyelashes
  • Rudolph printable

Remember, your Rudolph is completely up to you! You can use any color of tree, paper, or honeycomb to make it your own!

1. Print and cut out our Rudolph printable.


Print out our Rudolph printable, and cut out both the antler and eyelash. Trace the antler onto the back of your 12 x 12 paper. Make sure to flip your template when tracing the second antler. Cut out Rudolph’s antlers! We, of course, chose to give our reindeer gold glitter antlers.

2. Make some eyelashes!


Trace the eyelash from our printable twice on your 8.5 x 11 paper and cut them out.

3. Time for that magical nose.


Take your honeycomb and fold it out fully. You can secure it with a paperclip instead of adhesive so you can fold the honeycomb flat and use it again in the future!

4. Now we can assemble Rudolph!


Place your antlers on the tree, and secure them in place by wrapping a branch around the base of the antler. Rudolph’s eyelashes rest nestled in branches of the tree. Most honeycombs have an attached string for hanging, so we hung our nose from a front middle branch of the tree. 

Let us see what you create with #partywithjollity on Facebook and Instagram! We can’t wait to see your Rudolph!