[Board] in the house and I’m in the house [board]

Theme: Breakfast Board | Mauve-Elous Charger Plate

We all love a good charcuterie board, right? Beautifully displayed meats, cheeses, tasty crackers… YUM! Well, since snack boards have been all about creativity lately (think dessert and candy boards), we thought it could be fun to make one at home (but with a little competitive spin!)

Theme: Fiesta Board | Femme Charger Plate, Avocado Canapé Plate, Spicy Canapé Plate

Take game night with your couple friends to the next level by having a Snack Board Contest. Think outside the box and make sharable boards using all of our favorites snacks and treats!

Here is how it works:

  1. Each couple picks a theme for their board (Shh! Keep it a secret).
  2. Make a shopping list and have everyone bring their groceries to the host’s house.
  3. Pour a glass of wine and start building your board!
  4. To amp up the intensity, set a timer.
  5. Once time is up, have everyone guess what each theme is and vote for the best board.
  6. The winning board can be based on appearance, food styling, overall creativity and deliciousness.
Rainbow Fruit Board | Just Peachy Charger Plate

If you host a Snack Board Contest with your friends, we would love to see it! Tag us on social media  @jollityandco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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