How to throw a Bachelorette Party during COVID

Bachelorette parties are one of the most highly anticipated pre-wedding events- we know how disappointing it must feel when they can’t go as planned. 

With the uncertainty of travel, you may be thinking “what’s a bride and her crew to do?” It might seem impossible to plan your final fling during a pandemic, but we’re here to show you that’s not true! 

Gather your bride tribe and pack your bags! We’re having an old-fashioned slumber party right in your hometown! Bonus points if someone has a family lake house we can borrow but if not, your MOH’s trendy apartment will do just the trick!

To air on the side of caution, order take-out from the bride’s favorite restaurant. Designate one of the bridesmaids to play bartender and have her whip up a batch of our Rosé Sangria. (Trust us, it’s dangerously good!)

Since you won’t be hitting the town, go crazy with decor, party favors and all the fun tableware. This will help make the weekend feel special and keep everyone excited! 

Hung on the wall or grouped in clusters, these heart shaped balloons are the perfect addition to your bachelorette celebration. Throw in the Let’s Party Bitches banner to really set the tone for the night ahead!

PS: How cute is this for a photo backdrop?

Let us be your one stop shop for all things party! We’ve accumulated a list of some of our favorite bridal goodies. Shop the list below:

To Wear:

To Do/Drink: 

For The Table:

Play some games, drink some drinks and turn on your favorite tunes! It may not be the celebration you initially envisioned, but it can still be fun and most importantly, safe!

If you throw a bachelorette party at home, we would love to see it! Tag us on social media  @jollityandco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

P.S. The photo at the top was taken months ago. Don’t hate – just celebrate.

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