Movie Night In!

As we’re trying to social distance, we’ve been brainstorming fun activities to do at home. One of our favorites has been Friday movie nights. With great food and snacks, a fun movie, the comforts of home – what’s not to love?! Here’s some of our tips and tricks for hosting your own movie night in.


First, go get some comfy clothes on! ‘Rona has made life crazy for all and a night of relaxing and comfy clothes is much needed.

Next, grab all the pillows and blankets you have and setup in front of your tv or projection screen. If you have a projection and screen setup in your backyard. We like pushing our couch back to make more floor space!

BONUS – if you want to get really creative, build a blanket fort around your tv.


From popcorn, to pizza, to the $1 candy boxes and more the options for movie night grub is endless. Treat yourself and order a pizza from the local place you love. Then pop a huge bowl of popcorn, sip on your favorite beverage and munch on some candy. If you have kids, divide the popcorn up in paper bowls and use paper cups and straws for drinks. It’s a way easier cleanup!


In our house, we take turns picking the movien to avoid all out wars. Sometimes it’s an easy pick (our go to Harry Potter), other times we’re scrolling endlessly. Flip a coin to see who gets to pick the movie, or pull out a random one from your stack of DVD’s. And yes, we know you still own DVD’s because we also own them – we’ll keep the secret though. Once you’ve selected the movie, sit back and enjoy!

Looking for more fun ideas for creating memorable moments at home? Check out The Party Box – our monthly subscription service for creating fun mini parties each month to build memories and have fun!

We’d love to know how you’re staying entertained during these quarantine times! Tag us on social media  @jollityandco and use hashtag #partywithjollity. Bonus points if you share what you’re go to movie is!

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