Quarantine Olympics

As we wait anticipation for the COVID postponed Olympic games, we’ve decided to take the opportunity to make our own Jollity inspired Quarantine Olympics!

Below are some fun family games, that can be played in the safety of your own home or yard.


Toilet paper bowling, one of the most popular Quarantine games and it’s perfect for all family members, no matter their age! To start, split the family into two separate teams. At the end of the day, the loosing team will be tasked with doing something…we recommend the dishes after dinner!


  • Rolls of Toilet Paper
  • 10 Paper Cups
    We opted for our Posh Cups because they’re super fun, colorful and a bit bigger than your average paper cup.


To setup the game, create a bowling lane in a long hallway, or room. At the end of the hall or room, line up the cups and make them into the shape of a diamond. Start with 4 cups in the back, then 3 in the second row, 2 in the third row, and 1 solo cup in the front.


Now it’s time to start the game! Split into your two teams and play ten rounds. Each team member will get two turns per round in attempt to knock down all the cups.

Each cup is worth one point. Keep track of the points for each team member, tally them up at the end and see which team won this challenge.

You can also do fun variations here with stacking the cups in different formations!


Next up, is Balloon Jousting! It’s the perfect game for all of those competitive family members.

**This game is one that MUST be supervised by adults and we recommend playing this game in a garage or driveway.**



Grab a balloon for each member of the family then blow them up. Using a sharpie assign each balloon a name, pertaining to whose balloon belongs to which family member.

Next, take the painters tape and stick each balloon to the floor. Be sure to spread the balloons out in equal distances around the room. Once the balloons have been been placed around the room, put the Roomba in the center of the balloons.


***This step must be completed by an adult.***

Make your jousting stick by attaching a knife to the top of the Roomba. Use painters tape to hold it in place. Be sure that your knife is safely secured to the Roomba.


Time to get this tournament started! After securing the knife, hit the power button and let the Roomba take over!

The Roomba will go around the room, and one by one take out the balloons. The last one standing, is the new champion!

If you don’t have a Roomba, play another balloon popping challenge. Here’s one of our favorites:

Have everyone write their name on their blown up balloon. Next, put all of the balloons in the middle of the room and set a timer for thirty seconds. The goal is to stomp as many balloons as possible until there’s one balloon left. The remaining balloon wins the game. To make it even more challenging assign multiple balloons to each person. The more balloons, the harder it gets!


Playing with kids? Use juice. Playing with friends? Drink whatever.


  • 1 Cup for Each Person
  • Beverage of Your Choice
  • A Table


Start by filling everyone’s cups halfway. Next, gather around the table. Make sure teams are on the same side of the table and the opposing team is across. Give yourself enough space between each other to play.


The first person on each team chugs their drink. Then, they place their empty cup on the edge of the table.


Using their fingers the player has to try and flip the cup completely upside down. The trick is, it has to land upside down on the table, once this is accomplished the next person on their team goes.

The first team to finish first wins the challenge!


Have you ever hear of the game 52 Card Pick Up?

52 pickup or 52-card pickup is a practical joke using a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Two players and a pack of 52 cards are needed. The first player offers the second player a game of 52 pick-up (or 52 card pickup).

If the second player accepts, the first player scatters the 52 cards over the floor and says “52 – pick up!”. The second player’s job is then to reassemble the pack of cards by picking them all up.

50 Straw Pick Up is the Jollity version of the game! Here’s how to play:



To setup the game, you will need to empty each pack of straws and put them into coordinating cups.


Split up into your two teams. On the same count, dump the cup of straws onto the floor. Have the first person on each team rush to pick up the straws. Each straw must be picked up one at a time, and placed back into the coordinating cup!

Each player has 15 seconds. Once the first player completes the task, it’s the next team member’s turn to go. The team to pick up all the straws first wins the challenge!

We hope all of these Quarantine Games give your family a fun activity to partake in and may the best team win!

We would love to see how your games turned out! Tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

Have any other fun ideas for making social distancing fun? Let us know and we will brainstorm and feature it on the blog. DM us on social media or drop us a line by email and we’ll help bring your idea to life!

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