Virtual Wine Tasting with Mom!

Unfortunately for our team, all of our sweet mama’s live out-of-town. Due to our current state of social distancing we’ve had to get creative with how we plan to virtually celebrate Mother’s Day from miles away. 

While our staff had some pretty great ideas, our most-popular witty cocktail napkin said it best: “Let’s Drink Wine and Talk Shit About People.” So, one idea led to another and…a virtual wine tasting it is!


  • 3-4 different wine options of your choice
  • Wine Tasting Party Kit or Tasting Papers
  • 4 Wine Glasses or Paper Cups
    We especially love our Posh Cups. They’re 12 oz (perfect size for quarantine wine) and come in so many different cute colors!
  • Writing Utensil


Send mom 3-4 bottles of wine using your go-to grocery delivery service and purchase bottles for yourself. You’ll want to make sure you both have the same wine options, so you can enjoy them together.


Now, we’re going to have to teach mom how to download zoom. If she is anything like our “tech savvy” mom’s, this may take a while. (Dad’s, can you help us out here?)


Once you’re able to hop on a call, pour a glass of each wine. Bonus points if you send Mom her favorite color of disposable Posh Cups. No one wants to do dishes after a few glasses of wine and especially mom on Mother’s Day!


To get the full vineyard experience, pair the wine with some of your favorite cheeses. Our durable charger plates are perfect for charcuterie boards!


As you’re tasting each wine, jot down all your thoughts on the tasting papers. See if your taste buds are “like mother, like daughter” and compare your notes!

If you are so fortunate to be able to spend this day with your mom, cherish every moment. For those of us having to resort to technology just remember, this too shall pass. So eat, drink, laugh and ENJOY!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mama’s out there! If you decide to go [virtually] wine tasting, show us! Tag us @jollityandco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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