DIY Piñata Birthday Celebration

Celebrations right now certainly have a different feel to them. With Zoom parties and drive-by-birthday parades, it can be hard to bring the same element of excitement to a celebration. Here at Jollity & Co, we’re putting our nose to the grindstone, and coming up with fun twists to celebrations and new ideas to help you bring some excitement home.

For those who have early May birthdays and are in #quarantinestatus, a great way to bring in fun decor and create a theme is to tie-in Cinco de Mayo. This year Cinco de Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday, but a fiesta is always a fun celebration no matter when you’re celebrating!

Why not add a personal touch to the fiesta and get crafty? Check out how we decorated our mini number piñatas below. These can be made days in advance and then stuffed with fun trinkets for everyone!

Not celebrating a birthday this May? We have different fun shapes that are perfect for other occasions!


  • DIY Piñata
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Fringe Garland
  • Anything you have lying around in your craft box.
    Think pom poms, glitter, google eyes, paint…get creative!


Hot glue the fringe garland to your DIY Piñata. We happened to have this number 5 laying around and thought it was a cute nod to the holiday, but an empty cardboard box, cereal box or an old shoe box works perfectly!


Once you’ve wrapped the fringe around the length of your piñata one time, trim the excess. Repeat steps 1 and 2, alternating with fun colors until the whole piñata is covered.


Start decorating your piñata. We have these precious little pom poms left over from our DIY maracas, but you can use anything you have in your craft arsenal. Let the creativity flow!

Let the birthday fairy fill them them up with treats and voila, now you’re done. They’re perfect for place settings at a birthday meal or on top of a pile of presents!

How are you celebrating birthdays at home? We’d love to see! Tag us in your celebration @jollityandco and use the hashtag #partywithjollity

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