Cinco de Mayo – Fiesta At Home

It’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite food holiday: Cinco de Mayo! While 2020 has brought us a lot of crap so far, it is bringing us Cinco de Mayo on #tacotuesday!

So, instead of making lemonade – let’s make margaritas! We have a bunch of fun ideas to bring your fiesta to your quarantine casa.

1. Setting The Table

When it comes time to setting the table, we’ve got you covered! Cinco de Mayo is a fun time to go bright and bold with your color choices.

For this table setting, we chose some vibrant options from our very own Posh Collection. Buoy Bye and Pinky Pie are two of our Cinco de Mayo faves.

To really bring it home, we added our Avocado Balloon and two of our signature canapé plates (the little avocado and spicy bottle are perfect for all of that guac and salsa).

2. Fiesta Furnishings

One of the best ways to transform any space, is by adding lots of decor to the walls. To highlight the dinner table, we made this super fun backdrop out of tablecloths, which can also double as a photo backdrop.

You can make backdrops out of just about anything. Some fast backdrop ideas can be accomplished with party fans, paper bunting and tassel banners if you’re not feeling like a bunch of DIY work.

Once the backdrop is up, add other elements that you can find around the house, like string lighting and fun colored candles. This will help elevate the look.

To see our entire “Fiesta” themed party decor, click the link here.

3. “Adults Only” Zone – Home Bar

Although you might be spending Cinco de Mayo with kiddos, social distancing self care means the parents should also have some fun. Not to mention, what’s Cinco de Mayo without margaritas?!

Use a bar cart, kitchen island, or folding table, to create an “Adults Only” zone – aka a “home bar.” Set your blender, margarita mix and alcohol of choice in this area. Add cocktail napkins, like our “This Senorita Needs a Margarita” and our Die-Cut Lime napkins, along with some fun cups to complete the look.

Make it even more festive with our fiesta themed balloons. The Avocado and Spicy Bottle balloons are sure to make this bar one you’d like to visit!

Now to decide, who’s the better bartender, mom or dad?!

Cinco de Mayo is the best excuse to break up the monotony of the shelter in place orders and to make some margaritas! Plus, it’s the perfect holiday to set up a Zoom call with friends and feel some normalcy. You’ll be glad to get out of jammies, take a shower and throw on some festive summer attire. It’ll be worth it, we promise! 😉

Looking for more Cinco de Mayo ideas? We are going to keep posting for the rest of the month – plus we have an awesome contest where someone is going to win some Cinco decor! Check us out  @jollityco on Instagram for more fun ideas.

We would also love to see how you plan on spending Cinco de Mayo! Tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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