Work From Home Like a #Boss

Have you found yourself working from home these days?! Looking to break up the montity of your desk? Today we’re tackling your work from home flow and including all our favorite tips and tricks to get your through your work day!

First things first: Notebooks. You, my friend, are very smart. Smart people love notebooks and this, well, this notebook and planner pack combo will make all your quarantine dreams come true. Jot down conference call notes and all your week’s goals in style, helllllo productivity!

We will let you in on a little secret…we’re list girls over here at Jollity and Co. Take a peek at anyone’s desk, you’re going to find some sort of “to-do” list. They help us get organized and stay on task! So whether you like sticky notes, numbered lists, or you’re a weekly notepad kind of gal – we’ve got you.

Let’s talk about pens. We’re about to take your “favorite pen” to a whole new level. Think glitter pens and writing utensils with poms that would make Cher Horowitz’s head spin (looking at you Clueless fans). Plus, we’ve rounded up these two (1 and 2) cute pencil pouches to house them. Organization and all around awesomeness…check and check!

Let your new found workspace provide you all the inspiration to get you through your day. In times like these, it’s the little joys in life that make a big difference. Not to mention, once you go back to the office everyone will be asking where you got your cute new swag! Check out some of our favorites, like this wall banner, witty desk plates and pastel portfolio sets. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate and caffeinate the chic way.

Now that you’re fully set for success at your desk, check out our Work From Home” playlist on Spotify! It’s filled with the perfect tunes to get you through the day. Show us your work from home flow, tag us @jollityandco and use the hashtag #partywithjollity

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