Celebrating a Birthday at Home During COVID-19

Do you have a little one that should be celebrating their birthday next weekend? Did you have to cancel/reschedule the beautiful party you had planned due to social distancing? Have no fear, the party people are here!

Check our tips on how to make your kiddos birthday just as special, while social distancing.

1. Fill The Birthday Boy/Girl’s Bedroom With Balloons

What’s better than waking up on your birthday to a bedroom filled with balloons? Place an order online for balloons in any color you can imagine! From plain colors, or specialty prints – we have fun options for any celebration.

Have them shipped to your house, inflate them after your kiddo goes to sleep and quietly fill their room before they awake. This will guarantee a huge smile the next morning, no matter their age!

2. Decorate a Breakfast Table

Keep the surprises coming with a fun-filled birthday breakfast spread! Be sure to pick a theme (which can simply be breakfast) and deck out the entire kitchen.

Pictured below, is our Birthday Brunch featuring our Yolks On You Plates and Napkins. Try our Letter Banners, and Tassel banners for additional decor.

Make breakfast extra special with a “build your own pancake” bar and a kid-friendly charcuterie board, using our Posh Charger Plates.

3. Host A Virtual Birthday Party

Post breakfast, it’s time to prepare for a virtual party with their friends! Invite their friends to join you for a Virtual Birthday Party, via Zoom, Houseparty or FaceTime.

Have your child pick a theme for the party, and let them get creative! Repurpose some of the breakfast decor and add more! They could host a dance party, a pajama party, princess party – the options are endless!

Create a fun Evite for the event and email or text it to their parents. There are several apps and websites to create a fun Evite, one of our favorites is Canva.

Important information to include on an Evite:

  • Start time
  • End time
  • Attire (based on party theme)
  • Brief description to prepare the parents for the party activities
  • Zoom Information to make the party Virtual

4. Party Activities

When all of their friends have arrived at the Virtual Party, explain the activity/actives that will be taking place during the party and get the party started!

Virtual Birthday Party Activity Ideas:

Be sure to create and email any templates to the other parents before the party. This way, all of the kids can participate in the activities!

Wrap up the party by having your child’s friends sing “Happy Birthday” to them, as they blow out their candles!

We hope that these tips and tricks help you plan a special celebration for your birthday boy or girl, even during social distancing! If you host a virtual party we would love to see it, tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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