Easter Crafts for Kids

Hey there, parents… or should we say, teachers!? Now that you’re probably knee deep in lesson plans (thanks Corona), we thought we’d check in on that art assignment you’ve been dreading to “teach.”

Looking for a fun, yet simple, DIY project for your kiddos..ahem, students? Well look no further! We’re going to show you step-by-step how to make two adorable Easter crafts. And get this, all you need is a few leftover party supplies!

Bunny Cups



Take two paper straws and cut them into thirds (six total small pieces).


Using a hot glue gun, attach the straws onto the cup making the “whiskers.” Next, glue a cotton ball in the center where your straws meet to make the “nose.”


Time for the ears and don’t worry, they don’t have to be perfect. Using a sharpie, draw bunny ears (approx. 2 inches tall) on white card-stock. Once you gave it your best shot, take your scissors and cut them out.


Let’s glue on those ears! Grab the hot glue gun one last time and glue the ears to the back of the cup and VOILA, you have yourself a bunny cup!


Fill up your cup(s) with all your favorite Easter candy and ENJOY! Our personal fave is Mini Cadbury Eggs, but hey, anything goes!


You will need

  • Round Plate (Dinner size preferred)
  • White Card Stock
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie


Grab your plate and flip it over, so that it’s face down. Begin by tracing the outer edge of your plate (as shown above). Then using the whole length of the base, trace bunny ears with your sharpie. Following the lines, cut along the marks you have made on the plate.


Grab your piece of card stock and fold it in half horizontally. Using half the length of the paper, draw your bunny ears. Again, they don’t have to be perfect so don’t sweat it! Follow your tracings and cut the ears out with your scissors.


Home stretch! Flip the plate back over and tape the white paper on the inside of the ears. Once tapped, bend the ears so they perk up. Place the hat on your head and BOOM, you’ve got yourself one heck-of-a bunny hat!

Giving these DIY Easter crafts a try? We’d love to see how they turn out! Tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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