Adult's Survival Guide

Is it the weekend yet?! What do weekend’s even mean in all of this madness?

Our last post was to keep kids busy – what about adults who are stuck at home loosing their minds? Maybe you’ve fallen into the new profession of homeschooling (teachers = the real MVPs), or if you’re just stuck at home and looking to break up the days… We see you, we feel you and we’ve got you!

1. Prosecco Pong

This Prosecco Pong Kit will make you want to dust off your collegiate drinking game skills – just with bubbly!  The classy way to binge through a crisis, this game is guaranteed and your quarantine buddies occupied for hours on end.

Kit includes 12 plastic glasses and 3 pink ping pong balls.

2. Cocktail Mixer Kit

Hone your artisanal cocktail skills with the Bittermilk Cocktail Set ! It has everything you need (minus the booze) to make a restaurant quality cocktail from the comfort of your own home.

Kit includes 4 oz of mixers, directions and one themed glass. Makes four drinks.

3. Block Party Toppling Tower Game

Next up, a new twist on block parties (hello, social distancing!). Think Jenga, but add your favorite liquor! Here’s the drill: you stack a tower from the blocks and then remove the blocks one by one, but with this game there are added challenges printed on some of the blocks (some include taking shots)!

Block Party Toppling Tower Game includes: 4 shot glasses (1 oz., hand wash only), 30 block pieces with assorted sayings, 30 blank block pieces and playing guide.

3. Postcard Book

Take it old school and check in with all your besties from afar with our cute Postcard Book. Who doesn’t get excited when they receive a little note in the mail (especially these days)? Have fun sending special connections to your loved ones they can hang on the fridge – these cards are cute enough to decorate with! Just maybe don’t combine this activity with numbers one, two and three.

Set includes 24 (8″ x 6.25″) postcards. 12 sheets, 2 postcards per sheet.

We’d love to see how you’re filling the time! Tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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