Ain’t No Laws When You’re Dressing Like the Claws

Every year the million-dollar question: what are you going to be for Halloween? If you’re anything like us, you start thinking about next year’s costume the day after Halloween. But one fine day, when we cracked open a can of White Claw, the year’s idea came to us without any difficulty.


  • 3 Cans of White Spray Paint
  • 1 Trash Can (without the handles)
    We used this one: Rubbermaid FG354600 Gray 22 Gallon Untouchable Round Container
  • Hand Saw
  • Pair of White Suspenders or White Ribbon
  • Spray Adhesive Glue
  • 1 Sheet of Orange Poster Board
  • 2 Sheets of Black Poster Board
  • Exacto Knife or Box Cutter
  • Printer
  • Roll of Tape

Step 1: Flip your trash can upside down, so the bottom is upright. Next, take your hand saw and cut a circle out of the bottom of the trash can. Be super careful! You need enough space to be able to fit in it and walk in it. If it’s super jagged you can file it down with sandpaper

Step 2: Spray paint the outside of your trash can white. This may take a few coats depending on the color of your trash can. While it dries move on to step 3.

Step 3: Download the White Claw printable and print each page out on your printer.

Step 4: Create the logo stencil by taping the pages together into the shape of the White Claw logo. The pages go three across as follows:

– pages a, b, and c go on the top row
– pages d, e, and f on the second row
– pages g, h, and i on the bottom row

Step 5: Now that your pages are taped together, cut the letters and brush stroke out with an Exact-o knife. Do not cut out the red letters or the brush stroke. You’re going to have to cut pretty hard to do this in one step – if you’re not comfortable putting that much pressure cut out the letters to make a stencil first and then trace and cut out on the poster board. Place the newly cut out logo to the side.

Step 6: Next, using your logo stencil again and your orange poster board, cut out the brush stroke. Keep your logo stencil handy for step 9.

Step 7: Take your adhesive glue and glue the letters RUBY GRAPEFRUIT to your orange brush stroke.

Step 8: Once your trash can is dry attach your suspenders. Cut off the buckle and then attach – Do this by hot gluing the front of the suspender elastic under the lip of the trashcan. Then do this again to the other side of the suspender and the back. Be generous with the hot glue if you want to stay dressed 🙂

Step 9: Place your trash can on its side with the front upright. It’s time to attach the logo!

Step 10: Using your spray adhesive attach the black logo and the orange brush stroke to the front of your trash can. To ensure everything is lined up we recommend using the logo stencil from when you did your cut outs.

Step 11: Crack a cold White Claw and throw a party! You deserve it!

We’d love to see your costumes, tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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