Oscars Ballot – 2019

Here at Jollity & Co. we live for a good party! And while we haven’t managed to snag an invite yet, we can image that The Oscars is one hell of a good time, so we always throw a little viewing party. Our champagne may not be Dom, but you can bet our slippers are way more comfortable than those 6 inch heels everyone is wearing.

One of our favorite parts of the night is seeing who was able to guess the most categories correctly! This year we want to have all of our babe friends in on the fun, so we put together this fun printable ballot for you to use at your own Oscars viewing party. Who are you hoping wins best picture? Our team is split between A Star is Born + Bohemian Rhapsody. Be sure to click below and snag your own ballot and if you have a party we would love to see the photos! Tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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