Bloody Cute Placemats and Table Runner

Halloween is a great holiday for throwing spooky parties, but sometimes you want to be creepy and classy. Our blood-splattered placemats and blood drip table runner are the perfect way to accomplish this (and keep your table safe from messy monsters).


  • White Poster Board
    (two placemats will fit on one 24″ x 18″ sheet, so adjust according to how many placemats you need)
  • Placemat Template (attached at the bottom!)
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Dark Red Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Roll of Red Paper
    (craft, wrapping or otherwise)

Blood-Splattered Placemats


DIY Halloween 2018-14

Print out our placemat template, and cut those bad boys out!


Trace the template on the poster board, and cut your placemat out! The poster board gives your placemats much more structure, and a nice gloss finish. Cut out as many as you’ll need for your table!


DIY Halloween 2018-17

This is the fun part! Splatter the heck out of these placemats with a deep, dark, red paint. We recommend doing this step on a Monday, or any day where you’re frustrated. It makes it much more gratifying. All done with the placemats!

DIY Halloween 2018-18 copy.jpg

Blood Drip Table Runner


For the blood table runner, take your red paper, and free-hand a drip design the length of your table, and cut it out.


DIY Halloween 2018-21

If you need to piece the paper together to get it to the length of your table, just put a little piece of tape on the back! Now you have a perfect runner backdrop for your placemats.

DIY Halloween 2018-22

Let us know how you’re decorating for your Halloween bash, and tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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