Bloody Cute Placemats and Table Runner

Halloween is a great holiday for throwing spooky parties, but sometimes you want to be creepy and classy. Our blood-splattered placemats and blood drip table runner are the perfect way to accomplish this (and keep your table safe from messy monsters).

You’ll need:

DIY Halloween 2018-13

  • white poster board (two placemats will fit on one 24″ x 18″ sheet, so adjust according to how many placemats you need)
  • our placemat template (attached at the bottom!)
  • a pen
  • scissors
  • dark red paint
  • a paint brush
  • a roll of red paper (craft, wrapping, or otherwise)

Blood-Splattered Placemats

Step 1

DIY Halloween 2018-14

Print out our placemat template, and cut those bad boys out!

Step 2

Trace the template on the poster board, and cut your placemat out! The poster board gives your placemats much more structure, and a nice gloss finish. Cut out as many as you’ll need for your table!

Step 3

DIY Halloween 2018-17

This is the fun part! Splatter the heck out of these placemats with a deep, dark, red paint. We recommend doing this step on a Monday, or any day where you’re frustrated. It makes it much more gratifying. All done with the placemats!

DIY Halloween 2018-18 copy.jpg

Blood Drip Table Runner

Step 1


For the blood table runner, take your red paper, and free-hand a drip design the length of your table, and cut it out.

Step 2

DIY Halloween 2018-21

If you need to piece the paper together to get it to the length of your table, just put a little piece of tape on the back! Now you have a perfect runner backdrop for your placemats.

DIY Halloween 2018-22

Let us know how you’re decorating for your Halloween bash, and tag us on social media @jollityandco or with #partywithjollity!


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