Basic Steps to Set a Not Basic Easter Table

Over here at Jollity, we like to be extra… extra extra, to be precise. But we’re also busy people, and know that you are too! So we came up with a few quick, but super effective ways to style your Easter table without having to spend hours figuring out the best way to combine the cutest stuff!



The most important (and practical) part of your table is your main plate. We chose a square gingham plate to do something out of the ordinary (and to hold more food, no judgement).


Next up – this awesome little bunny plate! It’s exactly the right size for dessert! (or as a salad plate, bunnies love salad).


Since you’ll need some flatware, we encourage you to mix and match some wooden cutlery with simple striped patterns and solid, poppy, spring colors! Pair them with a solid guest napkin (we added flair with a scalloped edge) and your table is looking great!


Add a sweet daisy plate to hold your sweets! Jellybeans anyone? They are, after all, essentially a vegetable. Or a legume, either way, they’re amazing and you need a plate just for them. We all know that where there’s one bunny there’s more bunnies… so a bunny cup was kind of a no brainer.


Adorable paper straws add some additional (and functional) color for the table.


Last but certainly not least, in the spirit of all that is extra – we added this sweet little bunny piñata favor. He adds to the decor, and he’s just full of surprises (see what we did there? If you aren’t here for the puns….).

Put it all together, add some fun fringe, baskets, and some height in the center (we love these stacked cake platters!), and voila! Gorgeous Easter table done. Guests, prepare to be impressed!


Looking for additional Easter fun? Our Gourmet Easter Candy Box Class is this Wednesday, March 28! Show us how you set your table, tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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