Baby Reveal Ideas (That You Can Do On Short Notice!)

So you made a person! Maybe you’re excited to find out and share with the world if this tiny human will be male or female. Though you’ll find out via ultrasound, there are many fun ways to share the exciting news with your family and friends that don’t necessarily require you to throw a full blown party! Here are some easy baby reveal ideas!

Gender Reveal Balloon646A1905

You’re not the only one ready to pop! This gender reveal balloon kit is available in store and online! (and if you come see us at 2111 Granby St. in Norfolk, VA we can even fill ‘er up with helium for you!).  This is a classic way to announce, and is super fun live or can be snapped in a perfectly timed picture to keep forever!

BOY or GIRL Sparkler candles
Wether you’re having family and friends over for cake or plan on eating a whole cake yourself and taunting others with just a picture – we love these jumbo sparkler letters and how easy it is to spell whatever you want!

Confetti Fountain

These bad boys are pre-filled with confetti in either pink or blue and are ready to go! (just be sure to snip off the identifying ribbon if you want to keep it a secret!) and enjoy a burst of colored confetti in this convenient little package!

Gender Neutral Banner


Maybe gender reveals aren’t your thing, and that cool too! There are plenty of fun ways to announce your new addition without having to label anything! We suggest a fun banner kit that you can design yourself to say something cheeky. We love “it’s a baby” or “it’s not a puppy.”

Have a fabulous reveal idea? Share it with us, tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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