7 Ways to Decorate a Party Venue with Restrictions

Creating a party wonderland when you have both space and decorating restrictions can feel impossible, but we promise, it isn’t! There are plenty of ways to add pop to your party in a restaurant, museum, or any out of home space. Here are seven of our favorite tricks to personalize your party in an otherwise impersonal space!

519A5830Pick out a table runner…
First things first, when throwing a party in a pre-decorated space like a restaurant, you’ll most likely be confined to a table or two. So how do you make it your own? Pick out a fun and festive table runner of course! This directs the focus to the colors of your choice instead of what’s already around you.

Personalize each seat with place cards…
What better way to make sure everyone feels special than to give them a place of their own?

Balloons, balloons, balloons!

Available in basically every color you could possibly imagine, balloons are an easy, attention grabbing way to add height and interest to an otherwise flat table-scape. Add them to the guest of honor’s chair, use them in the center of the table, or simply add a single balloon to each chair – you’ve got options. Everyone will know your table is the party table.

Bring your own cake server…
Avoid the potential catastrophe of having to serve your guest of honor’s cake with the timeless combination of a butter knife and your hands…

…and your own cake stand!
You might be asking yourself, is that over the top? Well let me ask you this Karen, you love this friend enough to throw them a party – so the answer to your question is “does that really matter, at this point?” Cake stands are reusable, and make a fabulous addition to your kitchen counter between parties!

Decorate the cake with sparkler candles or a custom topper.
Don’t put a naked cake down in front of your honored guests! Candles are cool, but sparkler candles are cooler! If you’re not into fire (or you’re just not celebrating a birthday) consider a custom cake topper to congratulate them on celebratory life events like birthdays, engagements, graduations, babies, promotions, and all that good stuff!

Wrap it all up with an adorable goodie bag.
Keep the party going after your guests head home by sending them off with a delightful little good bag of fun things like notebooks, gift poppers, stickers, or fun lipgloss!

Show us how you make a restricted party venue your own, tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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