31 Unique Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Still searching for an unforgettable present for mom or unique gifts for your girl gang? Look no further! From cheeky wine glasses to pineapple change purses, we’ve curated a list of 31 delightful gifts to help you check off everyone on your nice list. Happy gifting!

  1. Sweet Pea & Vanilla Candle
  2. Match Bottles
  3. Round Compote
  4. Red Metallic Wine Glass
  5. Fabric Christmas Napkin
  6. Bottle Brush Christmas Trees
  7. Mini Silver and Gold Star Decorations
  8. Gold Arrow Cheese Markersnutcracker.jpg
  9. Felt Ribbon Spool
  10. Tree Concertina Card
  11. Twig Pencil
  12. Custom Laser Snowflake Tags/Ornaments
  13. Snow in a Can
  14. Nutcracker Cups
  15. Reindeer GlassesPineapple
  16. Gold Pineapple Gift Bag
  17. Prosecco Pong
  18. Wine Is Making Me Awesome Large Stemless Wine Glass
  19. Hooray! Jewelry Tray
  20. Pineapple Lipgloss
  21. Tropical Plate Set
  22. Pineapple Glass Shaker
  23. Diamond Glass
  24. Hip Hip Hooray Cupcake PedestalTentacles
  25. Finger Puppet Tattoos
  26. Yay! Cookie Cutters
  27. Pizza Is My Soulmate Water Bottle
  28. Fabulous Mini Party Hats
  29. Confetti Poppers
  30. Pineapple Change Purse
  31. Bejeweled Pens

What are you gifting this year? Tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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