DIY Valentines Table Runner


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we thought it’d be fun to share a simple, but personalized DIY table runner for a romantic dinner at home!


This DIY is so easy, requires 4 supplies, and will only take you an afternoon to complete!

Supplies Needed:
Kraft Paper Table Runner 
Sharpie (or paint and a paint brush)


Step 1: 
Choose what you want to write, it could be your wedding vows, first dance song, a meaningful quote….Anything that’s special to you and your boo! Think about the length of your runner when you’re choosing; if it’s a shorter quote think about how you would want to fill space. You could repeat it, or measure it so it’s in the middle, or write in a larger font. If what you want to write is longer, make sure you write a little bit smaller. We wrote out a song from the wedding of one of our party girls! Write it out in pencil first that way you can correct any spacing issues without a problem.

Step 2: 
Roll out the Kraft Paper Table Runner on your table to see how long it needs to be. Give yourself 2-3 inches room on each end as a precaution. Trim off the excess.

Step 3:
Go back over what you wrote in pencil with a sharpie (or paint, paint pen, chalk marker).

Step 4:
Lay flat and set your table!


This table runner will add a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day dinner. All you have to do is set out your dishes, add some candles, and throw on some romantic music and you’re ready for a special date night at home!

If you’re looking for other Valentine’s Day decor make sure you check out the shop! We have just what you need to make this Valentine’s Day special!

Party On,
The Girls from Jollity


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