Part 2: Itty Bitty Honeycomb Halloween Tutorial


As promised, here are some more spooktacular, easy, and super adorable Halloween decor DIY’s…

Itty Bitty Boo-tiful Ghost Honeycomb2016-09-22_0002

Materials Needed:

*Alternative: Use a pen or a marker to draw the eyes on, use coffee beans, or construction paper.
Step 1: 
Lay a single tissue flat on a table. Use scissors to snip a tiny hole in the center.
Step 2:
Take your 1 inch itty bitty honeycomb and remove the stickers from the adhesive and seal honeycomb sides together.
Step 3:
Take your tissue and the string on your honeycomb and thread the string through the tiny hole you made in your tissue. Be careful, you don’t want to make the hole bigger than it needs to be.
Step 4:
Use your hot glue gun to adhere your googley eyes on your ghost.
Step 5:
Instagram the crap out of the cutest ghost ever!


You Can Cross His Path Black Cat Honeycomb


 Materials Needed:

    •  Black 3″ Itty Bitty Honeycomb
    • 1 Black Pipe Cleaner
    • 2 Googley Eyes
    • Hot glue gun
    • Scissors
    • Something pink for nose (we used some sparkly pink card stock)

Step 1:
Remove sticker, open up Honeycomb and secure white cardboard backings together.
Step 2:
Use scissors to cut pipe cleaner in two, 2” pieces. These are your cat ears!
Step 3:
Bend the pipe cleaners in half to make the pointy top for the ears.
Step 4:
Add a dab of hot glue to the bottom ends of the ears. Insert ears to the top of honeycomb, on either side of the string.
Step 5:
Apply hot glue to googely eyes and place where desired.
Step 6:
If using card stock or construction paper for nose, cut a tiny triangle out. Apply glue to the back of nose and place where desired.

This black cat is too cute to give you bad luck!


We can’t wait to see how you guys decorate for Halloween! If you make our Itty Bitty Honeycomb DIY’s, make sure you post some pics to insta and use #partywithjollity . We will repost our favs!

Party On,
The Girls from Jollity


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