Itty Bitty Honeycomb Halloween Tutorial


It’s crazy how it’s already fall! We can smell the air changing and are drinking all the PSLs we can get our hands on. Best of all? It’s time to break out Fall and Halloween decorations!
Over the next few days we will post a series of awesome home decor DIYs using our “pinch yourself they are so cute” Itty Bitty Honeycombs!

The Great Pumpkin Itty Bitty Honeycomb DIY2016-09-22_0001Materials Needed: 

  • Orange Itty Bitty Honeycombs 1 inch and 3 inch
  • Green Pipe Cleaner*
  • Green Tissue Paper*
  • Hot Glue Gun*
  • Scissors

Optional: Twine

Pipe Cleaner: Twigs from yard
Tissue Paper: Real Leaves from yard, construction paper
Hot Glue Gun: Tape, regular glue

Step 1:
Take your 1 inch itty bitty honeycomb and remove stickers from adhesive. Place your pipe cleaner in the center, holding your pipe cleaner in place, seal honeycomb sides together.
Step 2:
Trim pipe cleaner to desired length.
Step 3:
Take your tissue paper and cut out two leaves. Use your hot glue gun to attach leaves on top of pumpkin.
Step 4:
Use as freaking adorable table decor, or attach to twine and use on a garland.
Repeat steps 1-4 for your 3 inch itty bitty honeycomb.


It doesn’t get easier than that! #allpumpkineverything

Ittsy Bitsy Spider Itty Bitty Honeycomb DIY


Materials Needed: 

Step 1:
Take your 1 inch itty bitty honeycomb, remove stickers from adhesive, and seal honeycomb sides together.
Step 2:
Use scissors to cut pipe cleaner in to four (4) 1.5” pieces. These will be your spider legs! You can bend them now or after applying to honeycomb, just make sure glue is dry first.
Step 3:
Apply hot glue to open diamond section of honeycomb where you will place your first spider leg and insert pipe cleaner. Repeat for other 3 legs.
Step 4:
Apply hot glue to googely eyes and place where desired.


TAHDA! You have an ittsy bitsy spider!

We can’t wait to see how yours turn out! Make sure to post some pics and use #partywithjollity , we will repost our favs!

Party on,
The Girls From Jollity




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