Going for Gold Party

How amazing are the Olympics? The whole world coming together in a show of athletics and sportsmanship that only occurs every FOUR years.

The Olympic opening ceremonies always send shivers down our spines; this year we decided that it was time to channel all that wonder into a fun party that anyone can host in their home.

Get ready – Opening ceremonies are August 5th.  While the athletes are giving their all, you can support them by throwing a gold medal worthy party! Let’s cheer on TEAM USA with food, drinks, and some games of our own.

olympics PicMonkey Collage

We created  free printables for this party including the  USA banner, the Olympics banner, fun straw flare , medals, place cards , and cupcake toppers  that are all featured here. You can get the plates, straws, treat bags, cake stand, and honeycombs from the Jollity & Co. store to complete this gold medal worthy look! 

Don’t forget about the food either… Your athletes will need something to refuel them!
olympics food PicMonkey Collage

Pretzels became the “Competitors Crunch”, the treat bags filled with popcorn and candy were the “Spectator’s Snacks”, and just for fun we filled ice cream cones with a mix of Cheeto’s and hot Cheeto’s to be our “Flamin’ Torches”.

Time for the actual athletic portion of this party… Unless you count inhaling all of those snacks, because if that’s the case, we would totally take the gold. #olympiceaters


hurdles PicMonkey Collage

Yes.  It’s as fun as it looks.
For the actual hurdles we used pool noodles and pencils (or pens). You use the pencils as stakes, shove them into the ground, and slide your pool noodle onto them. The height of your hurdle will depend on how close or how far you place your stakes, set up as many hurdles as you like. The person to go through the course the quickest without knocking over a hurdle wins. Print your hurdles sign here.

Shot Put

shot putPicMonkey Collage

We just had to include Shot Put, one of the original Olympic Games. We used a bocce ball set but really you can use tennis balls or whatever you have laying around. Whoever throws the ball the farthest wins. Print your shot put sign here.

40 Yard Dash 

40 yd dashPicMonkey Collage

The 40 Yard Dash is a perfect event for the kids you might have dropping by the party. We spray painted a start line (you could lay down a rope or streamer) and had two people holding up the finish line for our competitors to run through. The kids were very intense during this race and asked to do it multiple times! Print your event sign here.

You can also play soccer, basketball, do gymnastics,  or if you have a pool, add some fun water events! extra olympics PicMonkey Collage

This party will definitely help our US Olympic athletes bring home some gold medals… Well, maybe not, but you can at least send your friends home with a few! Print a set of medals for each event your having – and you can even do an all-around athlete medal ceremony at the end.


We can’t wait to see your Olympics parties. Tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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