The Secret to Getting the Most Out of Party Decor

It’s always such a bummer when a party comes to an end. After all that hard work of preparing, crafting, and decorating, everything’s just boxed up or put in the trash! Well, no more! We have the perfect ways to take awesome decorations and use them all year long!

Here are some great ways to keep that decor displayed everyday!

Up Your Nursery Style 

A lot of baby showers these days seem to incorporate the nursery color scheme or theme as part of the decor, which is great! Use those adorable pom moms, tassel banners, and paper fans to add a little extra personal touch to your (or your friend’s) nursery. Easy peasy!


Children & Teen Play Room Decor 

Did you throw your child an awesome themed birthday party and have some amazing items that you kinda want to brag about for a little while longer? Hang those babies up in their rooms, playroom, or reading nook!



Have a pal who is a photographer? Sometimes they’ll have cute stylized mini shoots. See if they’d like to incorporate your leftover decorations into their next setup – and maybe you can do a fun swap for some photos?


Home Decor 

All those fun trinkets, knickknacks, and back drops can easily help decorate living spaces throughout your house. Check out our honeycomb backdrop after an event- it was a perfect display over a DIY Succulent table. And when you get sick of it and want to change things up, no need to feel guilty! It’s already pulled double duty! For smaller items like garlands and banners save them for your mantel. It’s a simple way to spruce it up each month with  fun, seasonal changes.


Wasn’t that a piece of cake?!

We can’t wait to see how you guys repurpose your party decor, tag us @jollityco and use hashtag #partywithjollity

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