Monday Means Mojito’s


Hey friends!
Last week we got these new amazing lollipop flavors in stock and as we tested them we said “wouldn’t this be fantastic IN a cocktail?!?!” So we got to work and came up with this delicious cocktail!

It has some of our favorite things in it. Coconut, yum. Vanilla, yummy. Mint, yummier. And, of course, booze. Yummiest! You can dip the lollipop, or just let it melt into your drink… the possibilities are endless.

And whatdya know?! It’s NATIONAL MOJITO DAY! So, we of course decided we needed to share.

Ingredients (for one drink):
10 Mint Leaves
1 Coconut & Vanilla Lollipop
Buy Specialty Lolli’s
1/2 Lime-sliced
Soda Water
1 1/2 Ounces of Rum
Club Soda
Simple Syrup
Ice-Crushed is better, but not necessary


In an oversized wine glass, muddle half your mint leaves and two of your lime slices in the bottom of your cup.


Add your lollipop. Pour rum into the glass making sure to make as much contact as possible with the lollipop. Stir vigorously.


Add ice, stir again, and top with club soda. Gently stir for 5 seconds, add remaining mint leaves and taste.


Finish with simple syrup until it’s as sweet as you like it! The longer these lush lollipop’s are in your drink the more coconutty (totally a word) the flavor. If you have time, prep a whole bunch through the “add rum” step and let them soak until ready to serve. Enjoy!

This drink is perfect for sipping on the porch on a cool summer evening… or gulping. No judgement here.


Drink up and be sure to post some pics of your delicious Mojito’s, we’d love to see them! And don’t forget to use #partywithjollity !

Party on,
The Girls from Jollity

The only Mojito recipe you'll ever need

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