DIY Pineapple Balloon Topper

model balloons_1

2016 may just be the year of the pineapple. They are everywhere! They’ve taken the party world by storm. And TBH… We are not mad about it all. Who doesn’t love pineapples? I mean, really?!

This simple DIY will give you all the fun tropical vibes without taking up too much time you should be using to work on your tan.

Our pineapple balloon toppers are the perfect addition to any summer, tropical, beach, or just plain pineapple theme party! #pineapplesalldayeveryday

This DIY is so easy all you have to do is print, cut, and tape!


Supplies needed:

-Jollity & Co Yellow Triangle Balloons Buy Balloon Pack – Yellow Triangles
-Scotch Tape
-Green Card stock, 8.5 by 11 (Bonus: you can print directly onto green card stock if your printer allows)
-Printer Paper

Step 1: Download and print* balloon topper here
*Print Directly onto green card stock if your printer allows, and skip steps 3 & 4)

Step 2: Cut out topper. (cut the tabs along the dotted lines if you printed directly onto green card stock)

Step 3: Trace topper onto green card stock. Use dotted lines from printer paper copy as reference.


Step 4: Cut out topper, cut the tabs along the dotted lines. cutting_3

Step 5: Blow up balloon to desired size.2016-07-08_0003

Step 6:  Fold each tab in the opposite direction of the one before it. Place tabs on the top of balloon, and tape tabs onto balloon. 2016-07-08_0004


Step 7: Enjoy!646A7305

See what we mean? Super simple! If you make this project please share your photos with us by using #partywithjollity , we will be featuring our faves on insta!

Party on,
The Girls from Jollity

PS: Click here for mini toppers for 5 inch balloons. Let’s be real, baby pineapples are adorbs.




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